Card Holder Promotion

The promotion consists of a card holder valued at 29€ for 3€ when making a purchase of more than 50€. To apply the promotion you must add the products to the cart, including the card holder, and when paying for the cart you must enter a discount code. In the discount code you have to put TARJETEROPIEL.

In case of return of the acquired products it is necessary to bear in mind that if the card holder is not returned the card holder will be valued in its original value (29€), so the amount of the return will be the one paid minus 29€.

In case of return only the card holder will be refunded the amount paid for it. Thus in the case of having made effective the promotion will be returned the 3€ paid by the card holder.

If the return is of all the bought articles the full amount will be returned.

All these returns will have to comply with our company's return policy.

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